Women's Wool Fleece Half Zip
WomensWoolFleece-HalfZip-Miljø-1920x1920 (4422140330115)
Women's Wool Fleece Half Zip
Women's Wool Fleece Half Zip
Women's Wool Fleece Half Zip
WomensWoolFleece-HalfZip-Miljø-PortRoyale-1920x1920 (4422140330115)
Women's Wool Fleece Half Zip
Women's Wool Fleece Half Zip
Product image 1Women's Wool Fleece Half Zip
Product image 2WomensWoolFleece-HalfZip-Miljø-1920x1920 (4422140330115)
Product image 3Women's Wool Fleece Half Zip
Product image 4Women's Wool Fleece Half Zip
Product image 5Women's Wool Fleece Half Zip
Product image 6WomensWoolFleece-HalfZip-Miljø-PortRoyale-1920x1920 (4422140330115)
Product image 7Women's Wool Fleece Half Zip
Product image 8Women's Wool Fleece Half Zip

Women's Wool Fleece Half Zip

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A practical high-necked woolen sweater for women that keeps you comfortable and warm wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. This sweater is called fleece but don’t be fooled – it’s not made from polyester and micro-plastics like most other fleece products. This fleece is made from 100% Merino wool. As a result it's environmentally friendly! The sweater has a flattering fit and classic cut. It’s perfect for those chilly autumn days, and works perfectly as a mid-layer underneath a windproof jacket when the cold sets in. 

The Merino wool has a lot of great qualities we love; it's warm, but it's also cooling in the heat. And if you get wet, the wool will still keep you warm! Wool is also naturally renewable and recyclable, and we only use Merino wool from farms that don't practice mulesing. 

Materiale and care
  • Material: 100 % superfine Merino wool
  • Care advice: Machine wash on wool cycle 30°C. Don't use a tumble dryer, fabric softener or bleach. Can be ironed on low heat.
  • Consider the environment – don't overwash!
Product details
  • Details: High neck with zipper, thumb-holes 
  • Pattern: Melange
  • Product name: Tufte Women's Gullvinge Half Zip
  • Article number: 4300-000-00
  • Collection: Tufte Everywear

Merino wool

The merino fabric has many great qualities; it is super lightweight, soft, non-clammy, warm in the cold and cool in the heat, and has the ability to resist odor. It’s naturally renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. We only use merino wool that have a micron of 18.5 or lower, which is called super fine merino wool.

Wool fleece

Dress in warm fleece with a good conscience. Conventional fleece of polyester is a big source of micro plastics. Small pieces of plastic fibres will fall of during wash and use, and end up in nature. Fleece of 100 % merino wool on the other hand, will not create any inflow of micro plastic, and keep you warm and the environment happy.

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