Women's Lambswool Sweater
Women's Lambswool Sweater
Women's Lambswool Sweater
Women's Lambswool Sweater
WomensBambullBlend-PatterSweater-OffWhite-Front (4422138691715)
WomensBambullBlend-PatterSweater-OffWhite-Back (4422138691715)
WomensBambullBlend-PatterSweater-OffWhite-Miljø-1920x1920 (4422138691715)
Women's Lambswool Sweater
Women's Lambswool Sweater
Women's Lambswool Sweater
Women's Lambswool Sweater
Women's Lambswool Sweater
Product image 1Women's Lambswool Sweater
Product image 2Women's Lambswool Sweater
Product image 3Women's Lambswool Sweater
Product image 4Women's Lambswool Sweater
Product image 5WomensBambullBlend-PatterSweater-OffWhite-Front (4422138691715)
Product image 6WomensBambullBlend-PatterSweater-OffWhite-Back (4422138691715)
Product image 7WomensBambullBlend-PatterSweater-OffWhite-Miljø-1920x1920 (4422138691715)
Product image 8Women's Lambswool Sweater
Product image 9Women's Lambswool Sweater
Product image 10Women's Lambswool Sweater
Product image 11Women's Lambswool Sweater
Product image 12Women's Lambswool Sweater

Women's Lambswool Sweater

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Tufte Women's Rosenfink Pattern Sweater

Thick and comfortable knitted woollen sweater for women from Tufte, with a pattern designed by our in-house designer Sandra. With her Norwegian and Icelandic heritage she has designed a pattern inspired by the Icelandic "Lopapeysa”, where the pattern is knitted around the whole upper body. Sandra’s version intertwines two cultures through combining traditional Icelandic heritage with Norwegian details. Superfine Merino wool on the inside of the neck and wrists make the sweater extra comfortable where the skin can be most sensitive. We use only high-quality lambswool and the bamboo rayon is itch-free. We do however, recommend using a long sleeved sweater underneath if your skin is sensitive.


Material and care
  • Material: 68 % lambswool, 15 % Merino wool, 8,5 % bamboo rayon, 8,5 % modal
  • Care advice: machine wash on wool cycle 30°C. Don't use a tumble dryer, fabric softener or bleach. Can be ironed on low temperature. Dry flat. 
  • Consider the environment - don't wash too often!
Product details
  • Details: round-knitted pattern, crew neck
  • Mønster: multi-coloured, "Lopapeysa"-pattern
  • Weight: 540 gsm
  • Article number: 1203-000-00
  • Collection: Tufte Everywear
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